Great news for lovers of designer furniture!

FFOVER opens its doors in Guwahati and is a visual delight for the connoisseurs of international furniture and home decor. Step into a world of luxury curated with love. Experience the ultimate collection of neo-classical bedroom furniture, classy dining tables, luxurious sofa sets, beautiful modular kitchens and handcrafted fans. A glittering showcase of lights and chandeliers carefully curated from across the globe. There are treasures to be found at FFOVER that will surely make you fall in love.

Along with a show-stopping furniture collection, they also have brought a unique collection of home decor and gift products from Armonia. From urbane wall consoles to decorative water fountains, find everything under the sun to give your new home a vibrant look.

At FFOVER, they undertake complete interior design projects and have the wide array of products including wooden flooring, upholstery, customised wallpaper solutions etc.

Already present in this location is MOBEL Furniture. So for those who want to experience the ultimate collection of designer furniture – do not miss this Furniture and Interior hub for Guwahati and the North East. Let luxury be your new love!


G.S. Road, Opp. Greenwood Resort,

Khanapara (Near Meghalaya Police Station) Them Marwet,

RI-BHOI, Meghalaya 793102

Turn Your Ceilings Into Works Of Arts With Aesthetic Designer Fans!

When it comes to home decor, the fifth wall is the most neglected part of the overall interior design. However, ceiling art has been used to decorate interiors since the 1450s. Only a minimum amount of attention and detail is required for a maximum impact in achieving a statement ceiling that draws the eyes up. And that trick lies in adding designer ceiling fans that inject visual interest and style to the room.

Today, home decor is no longer about just paint finishes and luxury furniture pieces. Decorative ceiling fans have become a fundamental part of the architectural design. The host of luxury ceiling fans we offer blend functionality with form, give a refreshingly playful perspective to the fifth wall and maximize the true potential of a ceiling. In fact, we are amongst the best curators of designer ceiling fans in India. Regardless of the interior style you have or prefer, we have a ceiling fan that will speak to your taste the most.

Modern designer fans – Our modern designer fans with a futuristic edge are style-driven accessories that fit any urban set-up without losing their functions. With exquisite, glossy, wooden or matte finishes, these modern designer fans turn into sleek fashion pieces for any home while giving it a true character.

Classic designer fans – Our series of hand-painted, handcrafted, and vintage designer fans bring a sophisticated look to space. They add artistic elements and drama to a home. They are perfect accessories to complement the traditional or minimalist style of your home.

Colonial ceiling fans – For those whose hearts are set in colonial times, our series of aesthetically pleasing handcrafted colonial fans are bound to win their love. From hand-painted designer fans to ornate pieces with uniquely designed blades, these fans are bound to bring an air of elegance and poise to a room.

Curated from the finest materials for maximum durability and optimum results, our designer ceiling fans are not just exquisite but also technologically advanced. With Ffover, the possibilities are endless with such a diversely stylish range.


Draw eyes up with statement pieces of vintage and modern crystal chandeliers!

Just like a piece of jewellery elevates the beauty of a woman, a chandelier illuminates the home decor by incorporating that extra touch of luxury and sophistication to space. The versatility of this visually aesthetic center piece extends beyond dining room lighting. These multifaceted modern ceiling lights can improve the dynamics and style factor of any room whilst maintaining their functionality. And chandeliers today are exclusively designed to cater to the inner minimalist; traditionalist or modernist tastes of everyone.

Whether your aesthetic abode is a perfect masterpiece of modern home decor or a treasure trove of classy vintage accessories, our range of designer chandeliers will light your home to visual perfection. With us, you can find an exquisite piece of luxury lighting that will definitely become the focal point of the room.

Vintage crystal chandeliers – If you happen to be an antiquarian by heart, you will surely love our series of captivating vintage chandeliers. Handcrafted with gorgeous and graceful designs and consisting of the finest precision-cut crystals, these chandeliers will definitely take you back in times of royalty and pure elegance.

Modern chandeliers – If you are a contemporary creative inside out and your home boasts of clean lines and chic designs, our exclusive collection of modern chandeliers is going to enhance your mood as well as that of your home. These designer pieces are perfect matches for incorporating that classy futuristic edge to your home and taking modernity to the next level.

Whether you’re an enthusiast of all things antique or a modernist who can’t resist playful details, make a statement with your home decor style with the epitome of lighting decor. Ffover’s out-of-the-ordinary collection of crystal chandeliers are sure to turn you into your neighbor’s’ envy.

A few insider lighting tips to add a sophisticated look to your home!

Interior designers understand the importance of proper lighting to make a home seem more elegant and sophisticated. Lighting sets the mood of a room not just by the light emitted from it but by the actual light fixtures. Below are a few tips on how to successfully use modern lightning to add a touch of sophistication in your home.


Light the walls and ceiling – Lighting the walls with sconces that aim light upwards and downwards helps in keeping the edges of your home bright and lively that can make up for the lack of windows. Ceiling lights can help in diffusing the light across the ceiling and stimulate the shiny effect of a skylight.


Create magic with hanging lights – While nothing creates a mesmerizing ambience as string lights above outdoor patios, they work really wonderfully indoors as well if used strategically. Be it vintage Edison bulbs or round carnival lights, they can transform your place into a modern and chic home. Besides, coming home after a long hard day of work to your loved one and relaxing on the couch with the lights turned off except some string lights flickering above is just pure serenity and solace.


Channel the elegance of chandeliers – A modern chandelier does much more than just emit light; they make some classy design statements. Our chandeliers with ornate details and out of the box exclusive modern designs can romanticize your space and add a sophisticated elegance that will help in transitioning your home into a graceful abode exuding class with modernity.


Explore Ffover’s exclusive collection of luxury lighting fixtures to add sophistication to your home décor.

Insider tips to add a subtle luxurious feel to your home decor!

Everyone has a right to make their humble abode feel like a castle. In fact, luxury and opulence are not just monetary indicators of wealth; they reflect your personality and your lifestyle. Take a sneak peek into our guide of incorporating indulgence in your personal castle.

Showcase an antique art piece – Vintage works of framed pieces can turn a simple house into a classy home. The right size and scale of an aristocratic artwork can give a unique touch of royalty to your space.

Create classy illusions – Though people often neglect mirrors as a part of home decor accessories, they can be some of the most effective items in enhancing the elegance of your home. A stately designed and strategically placed mirror can not only add to the magnificence of your home but also create illusions by tricking onlookers into thinking that your space is larger than it actually is.

Accent with accessories – Nothing spruces up the elegance and aura of a space like high-profile luxury home decor accessories. While our designer-curated furnishings can give a royal look to your home, it’s really the details that add the final touch of sophistication and class to your space.

Our handcrafted fans with intricate designs can redefine the look of your home. These luxury fans seize upon the most cutting-edge technology, design trends and are more efficient than ever. They come in nearly unlimited choices of finish, width, blade count and light and are handcrafted to perfection.

Or take a look at our sui generis home decor accessories like our glorious chandeliers that can turn your place into a royal abode. Ffover has the best collection of home décor accessories to add a touch of luxury to your home décor.

Calcutta Nostalgia and Cosmic Cows – An exhibition showcasing exclusive artworks by renowned artists – Jiban Biswas & Avanish Trivedi

Great News for lovers of unique artworks! Our City of Joy will be painted in the color of ‘Calcutta Nostalgia’ and ‘Cosmic Cows’ by the palette of renowned artists Jiban Biswas & Avanish Trivedi.

Avanish Trivedi is a self taught artist but has made his place in this field through his beautiful artwork. He loves to capture the beauty of the moment through his artwork, filling it up with a sense of nostalgia and creating a connection with his viewers. His works has a Global Audience. His Artwork series named Calcutta Nostalgia- the age Old Tram and Rickshaws have their own stories untold.

Jiban Biswas has passed out from the Govt. College of Art & Craft in Kolkata. Since the time of his childhood he has been influenced by ministrels (baul), worshipper of Vishnu, and spiritualism. These elements have been recurred in his work repeatedly. His artwork is an attempt of harmonizing between male, female, human body with beasts and birds. He takes much care for the aestheticism.

Ffover is proud to showcase their elegant works at our showroom at Haute Street, 86A Topsia Road, 1st Floor, Kolkata 700046 from 7th-9th June 2019, 11am onwards . Visit our store on the specified day to view their works.