A few insider lighting tips to add a sophisticated look to your home!

Interior designers understand the importance of proper lighting to make a home seem more elegant and sophisticated. Lighting sets the mood of a room not just by the light emitted from it but by the actual light fixtures. Below are a few tips on how to successfully use modern lightning to add a touch of sophistication in your home.


Light the walls and ceiling – Lighting the walls with sconces that aim light upwards and downwards helps in keeping the edges of your home bright and lively that can make up for the lack of windows. Ceiling lights can help in diffusing the light across the ceiling and stimulate the shiny effect of a skylight.


Create magic with hanging lights – While nothing creates a mesmerizing ambience as string lights above outdoor patios, they work really wonderfully indoors as well if used strategically. Be it vintage Edison bulbs or round carnival lights, they can transform your place into a modern and chic home. Besides, coming home after a long hard day of work to your loved one and relaxing on the couch with the lights turned off except some string lights flickering above is just pure serenity and solace.


Channel the elegance of chandeliers – A modern chandelier does much more than just emit light; they make some classy design statements. Our chandeliers with ornate details and out of the box exclusive modern designs can romanticize your space and add a sophisticated elegance that will help in transitioning your home into a graceful abode exuding class with modernity.


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