Calcutta Nostalgia and Cosmic Cows – An exhibition showcasing exclusive artworks by renowned artists – Jiban Biswas & Avanish Trivedi

Great News for lovers of unique artworks! Our City of Joy will be painted in the color of ‘Calcutta Nostalgia’ and ‘Cosmic Cows’ by the palette of renowned artists Jiban Biswas & Avanish Trivedi.

Avanish Trivedi is a self taught artist but has made his place in this field through his beautiful artwork. He loves to capture the beauty of the moment through his artwork, filling it up with a sense of nostalgia and creating a connection with his viewers. His works has a Global Audience. His Artwork series named Calcutta Nostalgia- the age Old Tram and Rickshaws have their own stories untold.

Jiban Biswas has passed out from the Govt. College of Art & Craft in Kolkata. Since the time of his childhood he has been influenced by ministrels (baul), worshipper of Vishnu, and spiritualism. These elements have been recurred in his work repeatedly. His artwork is an attempt of harmonizing between male, female, human body with beasts and birds. He takes much care for the aestheticism.

Ffover is proud to showcase their elegant works at our showroom at Haute Street, 86A Topsia Road, 1st Floor, Kolkata 700046 from 7th-9th June 2019, 11am onwards . Visit our store on the specified day to view their works.

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