Unleash a canvas that is eclectic and modern!

Designing or arranging your space can be quite a daunting task for the uninitiated. Why does it have to be so complicated? Well, let this be a quick guide for you in case you are in that boat. It’s a pretty good one and easy to follow.

Then and now– The way you accessorize the embellishments, define your relationship with your home and all things you love. In the past decade, we loved the pandemonium created by eclectic clutter which has now become redundant, giving way to sustainable and solo statement artifacts. The fetish to hoard all heterogeneous inheritances and display colorful family portraits have now been taken over by antique sculptures and modern origami-inspired silhouettes. Geometric patterns are trending as one can use them in a modern or a classic way. Be it on the floor or buildings or a cluster of tables, these patterns are always fresh and sophisticated. Wondering what to do with a blank wall? Turn it into a statement with bright paint, intricate furniture, and interesting accent pieces.

Making a statement with art- Interior design is a practice in the art of detail. Though it is obvious that the furniture , color palette and the spatial layout of a home must be unified and cohesive, it is often that an essential design facet is overlooked: Statement Art. Art innovates life. Statement art ushers in a sense of texture. The texture can help add visual weight to the interiors. Accent furniture can add distinct character to any space. Extensive use of wood is back in vogue. A statement side table that’s fit to take center stage, is perfect for adding a sophisticated and elegant look to any room. Stylish and classy, our side tables are perfect fit for contemporary or classical décor styles. Ffover brings to you some of the most exquisite pieces of fine art, furniture, collectibles and home décor curated from some of the best stores, galleries, artists and design individuals, all under one roof. Add sex appeal and whimsy to your living room with our exclusive range of center tables. From bespoke furniture to quirky lamps, from cascading chandeliers to rare artifacts, from wall clocks that will make your heart tick to accent pieces that compliment, every nook tells a tale of, both the days of yore and the trends of today- Ffover has it all!

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